Wheres Wally Fancy Dress

Wheres Wally Fancy Dress

The Wheres Wally fancy dress theme is a brilliantly simple theme and we have many costumes that are a great price as well as looking top class. Wheres Wally is a favourite of many people who have at one time or another in their lives read a Wheres Wally book, if you haven't then we recommend you do as they are simple fun! Check out the Wheres Wally costumes below.

Wheres Wally Costume

Wheres Wally is actually known as Wheres Waldo in America, we prefer the UK name for it over the USA version. The dress typically consists of blue trousers, a red and white stripey jumper, a red & white stripey bobble hat and some round thick framed glasses. Some people will also have a stick with them for added effect. The dress is very similar for both men and women however women often opt for blue tights rather than trousers saying that many men will also take the opportunity to put on some blue tights for the Wheres Wally costume.

Wheres Wally was actually created by a British illustrator named Martin Handford and was first published in 1987 and is still published to this day around the world. There are now hundreds of books available, a comic strip and even a tv series based around Wally. There are many other characters who you can go dressed up as well from the book including Wilma, Odlaw, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard and many more. So if you want to look awesome then get into a Wheres Wally costume today and see what your friends think about it or get them involved and all dress up as a Wheres Wally.

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