Smurf Fancy Dress

Smurf Fancy Dress

Many people don't realise that the Smurfs have been around for over 50 years and have been on many a television program aimed at children. We have many Smurf fancy dress costumes available to buy so if you want to look like a Smurf then why not purchase a costume from us and look the part. Many people will go out in groups of Smurfs and so you can order multiple Smurf fancy dress costumes below so you can all go together.

Smurf Costumes

If you are looking for a specific costume size then no need to worry as well because we have Smurf costumes for both adults and children, so no matter if you want a costume for a young child or maybe 10 of you are going on a university tour and want to dress up as a Smurf then you can find the costumes here. We aim to be the UK's favourite costume website and as such we always stock everything you can see above, so you will never find an item and we not have it in stock as we remove it from the items above so you can make sure the items you see are the ones you can buy.

The Smurfs were started in 1958 by a Belgium cartoonists and have since been in comics and on television and the smurfs themselves consists of little creatures who wear white trousers and white hats and are blue. Therefore as you will see lots of the costumes are like this but we always recommend that you also purchase blue face or body paint so you can also paint your body and face blue so you look even better and more authentic. The available blue body paints are also listed on this page so you can buy them all online and get ready for a great night out or party depending on what you are planning on doing.

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