Mr Blobby Costume

Mr Blobby Costume

A costume that will get you plenty of laughs as well as be awesome to wear is of course the Mr Blobby fancy dress costume, there are various versions of this costume available online and without spending a fortune the best costume we have found is one where by it shape is blown up by a small fan inside the costume. You can view all the Mr Blobby costumes below and choose whichever you like.

Mr Blobby originated from Noel Edmunds house party which was a tv show in the 90's, Mr Blobby featured in every show and also did many things outside of the show especially for charity such as red nose day. He even brought out a single that went into the charts. Imagine how you could make an entrance with his song playing and you in the Mr Blobby outfit, it'd be pretty special. Buying rather than renting a costume is always the best bet as renting can be expensive and you then have to worry about keeping it safe and clean, where as if you buy one then you don't have that worry plus you can wear the Blobby costume again and again. Plus we have many cheap Mr Blobby costumes available which is often cheaper than the cost of renting one for the evening.

If you want accessories then you will be able to get more than enough of them from the sellers of the above items as well, maybe you want to go with other costumes if thats the case then check out the rest of the costumes available on our website as we have every thinkable costume available.

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