Minnie Mouse Fancy Dress

Minnie mouse fancy dress

Who doesn't love the animated Disney character which is Minnie mouse! The cute little mouse who wears the red and white spotted costume is a favourite with many people from children to adults and we have a big variety of Minnie mouse fancy dress products to suit all these ages as well as different styles depending on what you want. You will find all the products listed below.

Minnie mouse costume

We know that people have different budgets for a Minnie mouse costume so we like to show you lots of different costumes available at different prices so if you are on a budget we have a budget costume for you which will still be a good looking and good quality costume however if you have a bit of a bigger budget you can get a better looking and better quality costume which will last longer and is more durable. We find that this costume is a favourite for girls as well as young adults as well as many others and we have seen some brilliant groups of Minnie mouse costumes together going on nights out and they get a lot of great attention from people of all ages and genders.

A little known fact is that Minnies actually name is Minerva Mouse however the nickname Minnie has been around ever since the mouse first appeared in a comic strip in 1942. So the character has been going for over 70 years now and for many of those people have been dressing up in outfits. We have many outfits that we are sure you will want to wear several times and it doesn't matter if you wear it once or you wear it 6 times a year you will love the costumes available.

We have a variety of other Disney Fancy Dress so if you want to look at other characters click the link and it will show you all available characters or you may be happy going as Minnie but you may want to find other Disney ideas for your friends if the theme of the party is a Disney one. If you have any questions or need some advice then get in touch and we will try and help you out. You can also find some useful links to the right which show you some of our blog posts about our favourite costumes including Disney ones.

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