Michael Jackson Fancy Dress

Michael Jackson Fancy Dress
The King of Pop, the legend, the best musician to have lived, a man who changed lives, Michael Jackson was the pinnacle of a pop star and had an immense following, since the tragic death of this pop star his legend will live on and you can bring the legend back by wearing Michael Jackson fancy dress, and it's not only one costume to choose from, due to the nature of his work i.e. being a pop star he had hundreds of different costumes some more famous than others such as his thriller outfit. The nature of the man himself meant he loved being an entertainer and dressed accordingly. We have varies different Michael Jackson fancy dress outfits that you can choose from below. So if you have a favourite song of his be it 'Man in the Mirror' 'Thriller' 'Bad' 'Beat it' or maybe you just like one his costumes the most you can wear it and style yourself to be just like him.

Michael Jackson costume

If you are after a Michael Jackson costume then you will have to choose which one of the many costumes you want to go in, there is the classic thriller outfit or maybe a less outlandish outfit is more you. We have varies costumes so you won't have to make the choice between just a few. There are estimates that MJ sold between 200 and 750 million records throughout the world and also raised millions for charities. He was a legend and still is and so you can dress up as him in honour of the man he was. Michael Jackson costumes are good for fancy dress where the theme is musicians, legends, people you look up to, 80's, 90's or even 00's fancy dress as well as many other possibilities. No matter what theme it is a MJ outfit will look amazing and you're sure to get some great responses from everyone around you.

Michael Jackson costumes

Some of the outfits that we have available include the Thriller Werewolf costume, Billie Jean outfit, the outfit from 'Bad' , 'Beat it' 'Smooth Criminal and many more, we also have accessories such as the classic Michael Jackson sequin glove, sparkling socks, wig, glasses and more. You too can dress up as MJ and have a top class night plus if you have the moves you can dance like MJ too. We here at FancyDress.org.uk wish we could dance like him or even just be able to do the moo n walk.

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