Couples Fancy Dress


Couples Fancy Dress

Many people are unaware of what couples fancy dress is but it really is simply just two costumes which are either related, the same or go hand in hand with each others. They are great for going to fancy dress parties in and many couples be it those in a relationship together, best friends or siblings then you will find a costume that is perfect for both of you. Some popular examples of couple costumes include Barbie and Ken, Super Mario and Princess Peach and many others such as Fireman and Firewoman, Going as a Cop and a Robber. The possibilities are endless and remember you can just think up of couple fancy dress ideas yourself and then put them together by buying both costumes online.

We find that couples costumes have become more popular in recent years, there have been a lot more combinations been invented to cater for this and you can really go as anything if it relates to the other such as you can go as in Animal fancy dress maybe one of you as a Lion the other as something the lion would eat, or a lion and lioness. You can be as inventive and creative as you like when it comes to coming up with fancy dress for couples.

Couples Fancy Dress Ideas

Here are a few more ideas for you if you are stuck for them: Adam and Eve, Bonnie & Clyde, Batman and Robin, Romeo and Juliet, Tom and Jerry, Homer and Marge Simpson, Tarzan and Jane, Hansel and Gretel, Father Christmas and Mrs Santa, Pimps and Hoes, magician and assistant, a Nurse and Doctor, Forrest gump and jenny, Roger and Jessica Rabbit, James Bond and a Bad guy, James Bond and a Bond Girl, Cowboy and Cowgirl and there are of course many other possibilities that you can go as.

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