Cave Girl Fancy Dress

Cave Girl Fancy Dress

Going in Cave girl fancy dress is a great costume for any type of party or night out, not only does it allow you to wear leopard skin clothes you can do loads of things with your hair to make it look like you live in the stone age. Most costumes come with a leopard print tunic and they vary in size so some cover your midriff while others will expose it depending on which you want as well as maybe the weather as if it's cold you may want to be covered up as much as possible. You can view all of the available fancy dress costumes for this theme below.

Cavewoman Fancy Dress

There are many names for this type of fancy dress and cavewoman fancy dress is another that is similar to cave girl, it's simply another name for it so there is no need to get confused if it's called cave woman, cavegirl or any combination of these. Also remember that a great way to make your costumes look even better is to buy a few accessories with them such as clubs which you can see the girls holding in the image at the top, other things are necklanes and bracelets made from fake fur and bone as well as boots which look like that are made from fur. The possibilities for this theme are great so just be creative with your accessories and you will look great. Finally a top tip is to mess your hair up with hair spray and make it look wild like you haven't ever washed it and you have been dragged through a bush backwards, that way you will look like a wild cavewoman.


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