Borat Fancy Dress

Borat Fancy Dress

Well who doesn't love Borat as we know we do and so do many others as the Borat fancy dress has been a favourite ever since the Borat film came out. We have many different costumes from Borat in his typical suit to everyone's favourite ... the Borat Mankini. So whether you want to go in some clothes or very little you will find a Borat costume that suits what you are after below.

Borat Costume

The best thing about purchasing a Borat costume rather than renting one is of course you own it and so you can wear it on several occasions rather than just once, you also have that worry taken off your shoulders as you don't have to make sure it's kept safe and clean as we all know that at parties accidents can happen, drinks will be spilled and so you can lose deposits if you are renting borat costumes rather than buying them, so it often ends up costing more than buying the costume outright. Whatever the reason or fancy dress party you are sure to get a lot of laughs out of these costumes, especially if it's a mankini that you are going to be wearing.

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