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70s Fancy DressYour birthdays coming up and you want to throw a party. A fancy dress party automatically would be an idea that springs to mind, its fun and a great way to get all your friends involved.But why not make it a themed one? A great theme to choose is 70s Fancy Dress. The 70’s were a great era for fashion; there are many fun costumes that you can choose. They are often bright, outrageous and you might not even have to spend a fortune. When you think of 70’s fashion flares instantly spring to mind, fabulous trousers for both male and female.

We feature a lot of costumes on eBay which have both original 70’s clothing aswell as 70s styled costumes that are brand new. The 70’s was also a great time for music and iconic films. So you can even go as your favourite 70’s pop star or movie character. Remember john Travolta in the classic film Saturday night fever, well you can copy his famous white suit and wear that to your 70’s fancy dress party.

70s fancy dress costumes

Other ways you can make your 70’s fancy dress party a success is too have some fun games. Why not do a 1970’s trivia test and see what people remembers or knows about that period. There are many ideas for your 70’s fancy dress and the costumes are really only just the start. This is fantastic choice and there are so many things you can do and a quick search on our website will show you hundreds of costumes and party ideas.

It’s not just about the clothes though. It you really want your fancy 70’s fancy dress party to stand out you can even decorate your house in a 70’s style and do 70’s style food. Popular 70’s party food was things like tuna finger sandwiches and stuffed celery. You can also go to sweet shop and see if you can get some of the retro sweets that people enjoyed in the 70’s. You can also make sure that you play all the hits from that era at your 70’s fancy dress party. Music was a big part of the 70’s and there are wide range of artists and songs to choose from. Practice the dances that were popular in that time too, such as the hustle, night fever and the bump. This is sure to make all your guests have fun.

70s fancy dress ideas

If you are planning a fancy dress party in the future why not consider throwing a retro party? 70’s fancy dress is loads of fun and because there are so many ideas when it comes to costumes there is something for everyone. If you want to go all out you could even look up 70’s food and cocktail ideas and make your whole event a throwback to everyone’s favourite era. There is loads of information surrounding the 70’s online so finding out information to help your party go with a bang should be easy! If you are stuck for ideas have a look at some of the products we have to offer above.



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