60s Fancy Dress

60s Fancy Dress

We have 60s fancy dress costumes available to buy online at great prices, whether you want to go as a hippy or something else we have a costume to go in, you can view all the costumes available below and then click on them to find out more such as sizes, delivery cost, materials that it is made from etc. The 1960's was a great decade to live in and many people love the outlandish clothes that were worn in that era. A 60s theme party is always a lot of fun and can never ever be described as dull due to all the wonderful bright colours that get worn by people. So get buying your 60s fancy dress now so it get's delivered in time.


60 s Fancy Dress

If you are not sure which 60 s fancy dress to go for then we recommend that you browse through all the costumes above and see which take your fancy and then compare them to others you find until you are happy with one and then buy it. You are sure to get much use out of it and can be used on several occasions if people throw lots of 60 s parties. Another name for the 60 s was the Swinging Sixties due to lots of relaxing of laws and social acceptance of many things related to sex, drugs, racism and sexism. The range of 60 s fancy dress we have consists of lots of flower pattern dresses and retro clothing that really looks great. You can also add some accessories to your 60 s costume such as a flower in the hair, maybe a peace tattoo (we recommend a fake one) onto your arm or paint one on your check using face paints. No matter what 60s costume you go for we are sure you will be happy with it and will get some great photos and potential profile pictures!

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